Het Algemeen Klachtenbureau Gezondheidszorg (AKG)

(General complaints Office Health care)

For external handling of complaints Arts en Zorg is associated to an independent, impartial complaints authority, the AKG (Algemeen Klachtenbureau Gezondheidszorg).

If you have a complaint about one of our employees, please consult the page Complaints procedure on this website how to convey your complaint (concerning only employees of Arts en Zorg) to Arts en Zorg. If you are not satisfied with our way of handling your complaint, or if you wish to convey your complaint to an external party directly, you can do so at the AKG.

How does it work?

When the AKG official has received your complaint, she will contact you within a week. She will deliberate with you how your complaint would be best handled: by the Complaints Official herself or by the Complaints Commission.

The AKG Complaints official

The Complaints Official will discuss your complaint with you and will inform you about the options available to you. For example about how to convey your complaint to your health care professional yourself. But it’s also possible the AKG Complaints Official arranges and attends a meeting between you and your health care professional. In deliberation with the Complaints Official you can also decide to submit your complaint to the AKG’s Complaints Commission. This commission will decide if your complaint is valid or not.

The AKG Complaints Commission

If you want a verdict on your complaint, it will be reviewed by the AKG Complaints Commission. Your complaint will be investigated in order to decide if your complaint is valid or not. The AKG Complaints Commission is independent and impartial. You can check the commission’s regulations in the Klachtenregeling Algemeen Klachtenbureau Gezondheidszorg (Regulations concerning Complaints General Complaints office in Health care).

Annual meeting with AKG

Once a year there’s a meeting of the quality manager of our centers and the AKG Complaints official and the AKG Complaints Commission. In this meeting filed complaints are reviewed in order to improve our health care.

How to file a complaint at the AKG?

Send your complaint by e-mail to klachtenfunctionaris@klachtenregeling-AKG.nl
You can also call the Complaints Official directly: Mrs. J. Defoer, tel. 06 – 51 51 35 25.