Patient services

Various care providers are working closely together at Healthcare Centre Atrium to provide you the best and quickest possible care.

At the healthcare centre you will find general practitioners, physiotherapists, and dieticians. There is also a pharmacist around the corner where you can directly submit your prescriptions. Furthermore, you can come to us for psychological care and traveller’s consultancy.

During the Short Complaints consultation, you can come to Atrium for a number of common complaints, often even on the same day. If you want to know more about this consultation, please ask an assistant for more information.

As a patient from Atrium you can make use of the service of the Zorgcoach who can help you, after your referral by the general practitioner, with booking an appointment with a specialist in the hospital, for example.

At Healthcare Centre Atrium, we have various ways of examination (diagnostics) to ensure that your general practitioner gets a clearer view of your complaints. This includes blood test, urine examination, and the measuring of blood pressure for 24 hours.

Would you like to know more about our care offer? Ask the medical assistant for a more detailed explanation.