Patient satisfaction at Healthcare Centre Atrium

Your opinion is very important to us. We may approach you after a visit to our health centre to conduct a short patient’s satisfaction survey. 

We work with a continuous research in order to constantly measure the patient’s satisfaction. You may receive an invitation for this research after a visit to the practice. This research is carried out anonymously so the practice will not know who is filling in the questionnaire. The practice has continuous insight in the results of this research.

During this research your opinion will be asked on 3 subjects:

  • How satisfied are you regarding the easiness to make an appointment?
  • How do you rate the centre and the location? 
  • How do you rate the care provision at this location?

You can see the actual average score of this location in the green bar below or on the homepage of the practice. The figures are updated every week and are always related to the previous 6 months. 

Results 2014

In 2014 325 people filled in this questionnaire. Check the explained results to find out what the figures actually stand for.