Privacy statement


As care providers we deal with many (confidential) personal details. We are committed to protecting these details. How we collect and process these details is explained in this privacy statement.

Your personal details

We process your personal details according to Dutch rules and legislation, these being: the information privacy law (WBP, Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens) and the Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO, Wet op de geneeskundige behandelingsovereenkomst). This means that we only collect your personal details as reasonably necessary to provide you our best possible care.

At our healthcare centres, different healthcare disciplines work closely together. Depending on the care you receive from each of these disciplines, a personal file will be kept by each of them.

For which purposes do we collect your details?

We collect your personal details in order to offer you our best possible care. These details are used for administrative purposes, (statistical) quality research, and to keep you informed about our services. Occasionally we will ask you to participate in scientific research or surveys. Participation in research is always voluntary. In some specific cases we are legally obliged to provide your details to certain government authorities. Whenever you request information or file a complaint, we will also use your details to give you a response.

What are the duties of Arts en Zorg?

Arts en Zorg is responsible for processing personal data in our healthcare center, according to the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation). We commit to these duties in the following way:

  • Your data are collected for specific purposes:
         - For care giving, financial administration and quality;
         - For effective management and policy;
         - To support  scientific research, education and information.

  • In principle, no processing for other purposes takes place, if this might change the patient will be informed first.
  • You will be informed of the fact that your personal data will be processed. This can be done by your caregiver but also with a flyer or through our website.
  • All staff members of Arts en Zorg are committed to handling your personal data confidentially.
  • Your personal data is well secured against unauthorized access.
  • Your personal data is only saved as long as necessary in order to provide good healthcare.

The retention period of medical data is 20 years (counted from the last change of the data), except if it is necessary  to retain your information for a longer time, e.g. for your own safety or the safety of your children. This will be assessed by the healthcare practitioner.

When will we collect your details?

We will collect your details when registering you as a new patient, during consultations and telephone conversations. We also receive details from other care providers when you are referred to us or when we take over your file from another care provider.

When you visit our website, you are asked if you want to accept the use of cookies. A cookie is a small text file that will be stored on the hard drive of your computer. This text file contains details that you have entered on our website. By using cookies, we are able to provide you better service on our website by showing details that are specifically applicable to your location for example.

Who has access to your details?


Only care providers that are directly involved with your treatment can access your details. These include: the care provider that is treating you, the assistant, the practice nurse, and the care provider you have been referred to. They will only check your file if it is necessary for your treatment.

In some situations, it is necessary to engage a locum GP. The locum GP has access to your details only if necessary to perform his work.

At a number of healthcare centres of Arts en Zorg you can make use of the service of the Zorgcoach or use the chronic medication service (service prescription/repeat service). Patients with certain conditions, such as diabetes or asthma, can participate in special care programs. In these situations, your details will be exchanged with others, such as a physiotherapist or the hospital’s pharmacist. We will always ask your permission for this. Only after you have granted permission will we exchange your details.


All telephone conversations will be recorded and kept for 3 months to ensure the quality of care. Only when Arts en Zorg has legitimate grounds to do so, for example in the case of a complaint procedure, Arts en Zorg can store your telephone records longer than three months. Arts en Zorg will make sure that this records will be deleted as soon as they are no longer needed in the context of the procedure.

Some of our healthcare centres work together regarding telephony in order to deal with peak hours. In that case the telephone will be operated by different healthcare centres during busy times, which means you might speak with an assistant from a different healthcare centre. In these cases, the emergency line will always ring simultaneously at the different healthcare centres so we will be able to help you quickly.

Landelijk Schakelpunt (National Health Exchange)

Some healthcare centres are connected to the National Health Exchange (LSP, Landelijk Schakelpunt) to give shape to the Electronic Patient File (EPD, Elektronisch Patiëntendossier). To transfer your details to the National Health Exchange (LSP) we will require your permission. You will receive information about this through your healthcare centre.


Arts en Zorg has established Zorgapotheek Nederland (ZAN, a pharmacy group) together with SAL Pharmacists (SAL Apotheken) Several of our healthcare centres have their own in-house ZAN Pharmacist (Zan apotheek). All our ZAN Pharmacists (ZAN apotheken) are connected to the central computer that is connected to other pharmacists and general practitioners in the area. This means that the pharmacist, if necessary, has insight in the medication that was provided to you or the details that were provided by you (for example, chronical conditions or intolerances). For further information regarding the privacy policy of the pharmacists, we like to refer you to the privacy statement of Zorgapotheek Nederland.

Safety measurements

We have taken comprehensive organisational and technical safety measurements to protect your details. All computers and medical programs are protected by passwords. We will keep your medical details for 15 years. We will keep your details longer if this is necessary to provide responsible care.

Sometimes we will order third parties to process your personal details for the aforementioned purposes. Of course your details will be kept completely confidential. We always make a contractual agreement that such party will take organisational and suitable technical and safety measurements.

Your rights

You have rights regarding your medical file: 

  • Right to access and copy details included in your file;
  • Right of correction or addition of details or to include your own statement in your file;
  • Annihilation of your file (this is subject to legal conditions).

Contact and questions

For questions or a request regarding your file, you can contact your healthcare centre. If you have objections against a certain information exchange, you can inform your care provider.

Data protection officer

We have a data protection officer. You can reach out to our data protection officer by e-mail: or by telephone: 070- 711 24 21.


You can find additional information regarding your privacy and regulations on the following websites:
Website of College Protection personal details (College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens)
Website of the Dutch Government (Nederlandse Rijksoverheid)


You can submit a privacy complaint to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (authority personal data) when you think that your personal data has been processed in a way that is conflicting privacy legislation. You can submit your complaint through the website of the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (authority personal data)