1,5 meter distance in our healthcare center: precautions


During the current situation of the Coronavirus it is important to keep 1,5 meter distance. We have taken various precautions in our health center to maintain 1,5 meter distance between each other. This way, we can continue to provide good healthcare for you. When possible, we offer healthcare on a distance with consultations via telephone or video call. Prescriptions refills can only be ordered via the prescription hotline or online via gezond.nl. 

Healthcare questions? Call our health center

Do you have questions concerning your health? Contact our health center via telephone, via the chat with healthcare workers or via an e-consult. Do not visit the health center. The assistant will help you in finding the right solution for you. For example a telephone consultation, a video consultation or an appointment in our health center. Postponing healthcare is not reasonable. 

When you make an appointment, we will always ask for possible Corona-related complaints. 

Appointment in our health center? Pay attention to our measurements 

In certain situations, we can help you better with an appointment in our health center. We have taken various precautions in our health center to maintain 1,5 meter distance between each other: 

  • We have a special office hour for possible Corona-related complaints. This way, you cannot come in contact with possible Corona-contaminated patients. 
  • Wear a mouth mask in our health center. Bring a mouth mask with you. 
  • We do not shake hands. 
  • Our health center is cleaned more often. 
  • You can only pay with card (PIN). 
  • If possible, come to the appointment alone. Of course, this does not apply to children or persons who need guidance. 
  • Come to the appointment on the agreed time, not earlier. This way, we make sure that there are not too many people in the waiting room at the same time. 
  • In the waiting room there are less chairs. Also, these chairs are positioned with 1,5 meter distance between them.
  • At our entrance desk there is a screen for protection and 1,5 meter distance is marked on the ground. 
  • In the doctor’s office the chairs are positioned at 1,5 meter distance. 
  • Where possible we provide walking routes and directions 
  • Blood samples only take place on appointment. Here we also work with a special screen. 

Respiratory complaints

If you experience respiratory complaints in the time between making your appointment and the actual appointment, then contact the health center first via telephone. Together with the assistant you will view if and how your appointment can proceed. Since June 1 everyone with Corona related complaints can get tested. This is important to avoid possible spreading of the virus. You can contact the GGD via 0800 - 1202 or book an appointment online via www.coronatest.nl. Read more information on this website. 

Patients with respiratory complaints preferably get treated via telephone or video consultations. When necessary, we schedule an appointment for a patient with respiratory complaints in the Coronavirus-office hour. These office hours either take place at a separate healthcare location in the region or in separate rooms at separate times in your health center. 

For more information about the Coronavirus and recommendations for reliable information read this article. 

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