Coronavirus announcement


In December 2019 an outbreak of the Coronavirus started in China. In the Netherlands various organizations are focused on grasping this virus and are taking the necessary precautions. 

For up-to-date information on the Coronavirus and its spreading we recommend the following organizations: 

  • Check the website of the RIVM for the current status on the Coronavirus. 
  • Check the website Thuisarts for all information on the Coronavirus. There's also a video which explains the Coronavirus in detail. (Notice this website is only available in Dutch)
  • For questions you can contact the public-information number of the government 0800 - 1351
  • Health for Internationals made a newsletter about the Coronavirus which contains a.o. the Dutch approach and some practical tips.

Health complaints? Our healthcare center is reachable by telephone or through our website

The expectation is that the precautions taken in healthcare will be applied for a longer time. Maybe you would like to discuss if you can postpone a visit for your health complaints or maybe you would like to talk to a healthcare worker? Contact the healthcare center or look at the information on our website. We try to answer as many questions from our patients as possible. This depends on the busyness in a healthcare center. 

We take various precautions in our healthcare center to ensure the continuity of healthcare and to prevent as much as possible further spreading of the virus.

Precautions in our healthcare center

  • To reduce the contamination risk for you and for us, contact with our healthcare center primarily takes place via telephone or video call. Our healthcare workers only see patients at the healthcare center when physical examination is necessary.
  • At our healthcare center we have established special Coronavirus office hours where patients who have difficulty breathing or have similar complaints can come. These office hours take place at a separate healthcare location in the area or in separate rooms at separate times in our healthcare center. This way, when you visit our healthcare center for a non-Corona related complaint, you cannot come in contact with a possibly Corona contaminated patient.
  • When necessary, the nurse specialist (praktijkondersteuner) will reach out by telephone or video call with patients who have a chronic disease like diabetes, heart and vascular disease or lung disease. Also, the nurse specialist for mental health (POH-GGZ), our dieticians and physical therapists have contact via telephone or video call with patients.
  • Temporarily it is not possible to book appointments online. Ordering online prescription refills is still possible.

Healthcare on a distance: telephone or video consultation

During the past weeks we have gained a lot of experience in healthcare on a distance via telephone or video consultations. This has been experienced in a positive and personal way by both patients and healthcare workers. We have switched to another online portal, Here you can take care of all your health related matters like requesting prescription refills and asking a healthcare worker for advice via the chat. Soon you can also book your appointment for a telephone or video consultation online. When the Corona related situation has passed, you can also book an appointment for a consultation in our healthcare center online. is part of our healthcare center and contributes that you can access your (online) healthcare every moment of the day.

Visit     Inloggen met DigiD

Possible contamination

If you suspect that you have the Coronavirus, it's important that you do not come to the healthcare center to prevent further contamination. 

  • Stay at home if you have one of the following symptoms: cold, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing, fever (both below and above 38 degrees). For these complaints you do not have to contact the healthcare center or be tested. Stay at home until the complaints disappear for at least 24 hours. Call our healthcare center if you become sicker or if you have more trouble breathing.
  • Are you older than 70 or do you have a chronic disease? Directly call our healthcare center if you have fever (above 38 degrees) and cough or have difficulty breathing.

Access to medical dossier via Landelijk Schakel Punt (LSP)

The ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, IGJ and the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service have given permission to consult the GP data of multiple patients. In this way, the rising pressure on the GP urgent care centers (huisartsenposten) and the emergency care will be alleviated. The permission means that when you did not make a choice about sharing your dossier with other healthcare workers like for example the GP urgent care center, you will automatically concede. When you indicate that you do not want to give permission, your information will of course not be shared. You can arrange your permission online by relaying it to your healthcare center or via This arrangement is only temporary due to the Coronavirus and in time will be reversed. 

Coronavirus question test of Thuisarts 

On there is a Coronavirus question test, developed by the Nederlandse Huisartsen Genootschap (NHG). This test consists of 4 questions to check if you are contaminated with the Coronavirus. Based on the filled in information, Thuisarts will give you an advice on how to treat your health complaints and if you have to contact a General Practitioner (GP) or not. (Notice the test is only available in Dutch)

Corona check - OLVG

The OLVG has developed a Corona Check app in collaboration with various partner hospitals. With this app you can send your health information daily. A medical team evaluates your complaints and when necessary seeks contact with you. For more information and to sign up you can go to this website. This app is no replacement for the healthcare of your healthcare center. Do you need urgent care? Contact us via telephone. Life threatening? Call 112. 


With the app COVID Radar the LUMC aims to get a view of how the Coronavirus is developing. By gathering as much information from people about complaints, the LUMC researches how many people have (had) the Coronavirus. With this, they attempt to anticipate the pace of the Coronavirus. For more information about the app and to download it, you can visit their website

Helpline Red Cross

The Red Cross has opened a helpline for people who would like someone to talk to, advice or extra help due to quarantine or home isolation. You can contact the helpline from Monday until Sunday from 9.00 until 21.00 o’clock on the number 070-4455 888. (Notice the helpline information is only available on the Dutch website of the Red Cross)

WHO Health Alert

The WHO (World Health Organization) has made a WhatsApp with information on the Coronavirus. Currently this WhatsApp is available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish. Soon more languages will be available like Chinese and Russian. The WHO Health Alert is available by texting 'hi' to the WhatsApp number  +41 798 931 892. You can use this service for free. 

Masks and disinfection materials

We are expecting a shortage of protection materials. If you have disinfection materials and / or mouth masks at home that have the label FFP1 and FFP2, we would like to ask you to donate them at the entrance of our healthcare center. Many thanks in advance.

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